Yacht Outings are an opportunity no member should pass up! My partner and I had never been sailing before, but the opportunity to cross the channel seemed like a great adventure. Despite our inexperience, the crew of Brisbane Star was enthusiastic about welcoming us into their midst. The first day we sailed for Cherbourg. On the second, we made our way down the coast to Saint Vaast la Hougue, before finally returning to Gosport on the third.

The days spent crossing the channel felt the most momentous—leaving before dawn, setting a course, taking watches, and sleeping in turn. It was a long haul, but catching our first sight of land and pulling into the harbour on the other side left us giddy with accomplishment.

The second day cruise down to Saint Vaast was a shorter and more leisurely journey. We sailed for about 5 hours and arrived at the small seaside village. It was truly a hidden gem with charming architecture and a beautiful inner harbour. As we may not have ever visited the town otherwise, we began to realise that this type of experience is one of the many wonderful things about yachting. We shared drinks with our crew members at a local bar, and then ate a delicious dinner of fresh seafood.

On the return-trip across the channel we were thrilled to be able to contribute to the sailing of the yacht (much more than our first time across, at least). We had good weather most of the time, but the skies opened up during the last 10 minutes of our journey. We pulled into Gosport in the pouring rain, but everyone was still in good spirits. In some ways this made the whole experience feel even more rugged and authentic. Crucially, we were also rewarded with a nice hot shower at the clubhouse in Gosport harbour.

Overall, we feel so fortunate for this experience! We learned an abundance about sailing and seamanship from our crew members, and really enjoyed getting to know them personally as well. We hope to have another chance to sail with Brisbane Star soon!

Richard Provost

Can you sail to the West of this one?                                                             St. Vaast la Houge Port

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