A very windy Saturday's Commodore Cup....

Click here for photos of the Commodore's Cup


On Saturday the 1st of November 2014, our annual Welsh Harp Sailing Club Commodore's Cup was held. A beautiful sailing day: good wind strength with some serious gusts. At the same time we held an 'extraordinary' Southern Traveller's Open as the annual Southern Traveller's trophies would be presented later that day.

In total we had 22 GP14s and 7 Lasers participating. The gusts caused capsizes among most - if not all - boats, so a strategy to stay upright paid off. Unfortunately, from experience I can confirm the water is getting cold and that there is still weed that slows boats down or transferred some GPs in a Black Pearl look-alike. The fleet was divided up in a Gold and Silver fleet. The winners were:

GP14s - Gold
1st Mark / Helen (Winners of the Commodore's Cup)
2nd Richard Lord / Penny
3rd Roger / Yvon

GP14s - Silver
1st Ali / Yasmin
2nd Thom / Miriam
3rd Peter Law /Seamus

1st Lincoln (*)
2nd Mahmood (*)
3rd Len

(*) Both Lincoln and Mahmood ended up with the same points, but the order had to be reversed as I made an error in the calculation

I would like to thank everyone who helped to make this day a great sailing day with a vice nice lunch break in the middle and tea afterwards. It's great to see that so many volunteers can make a great day for the club!