Welsh Harp Sailing Club Back to Sailing and Windsurfing

Step 3 update: 21st June 2021


Following a review of what is and isn’t effective at the club, we make the following alterations to our COVID guidelines.

As ever, we ask members and visitors to the club to follow these guidelines. For your ease, we have highlighted alterations in RED.

  1. Self symptom check before you leave home - please stay at home if you feel unwell and always asses your personal risk to fellow members.
  1. Sanitise hands on arrival and be mindful of the need to keep hands washed / sanitised throughout your time at The Harp.
  1. Register your attendance at the club for test and trace:
    • by the signing on sheet in the North Building for dinghy racing
    • through Webcollect for dinghy & windsurf coaching and other club organised HERE
    • through the windsurfing WhatsApp group and the NHS test and trace QR code in the windsurfing store for leisure windsurfing
    • by scanning the NHS test and trace QR code in the clubhouse for leisure dinghy sailing or by noting your name and telephone number on the sheet at the entrance to the South Clubhouse. All attendance records will be kept for a minimum of 21 days.
  1. We no longer ask that you book club boats for COVID reasons, but please for club administration reasons, please continue to book them on Tuesdays and Saturdays at HERE

Please report club boat issues on the board in the South Building (if you have not been able to resolve the issue yourself).

  1. The clubhouses are open and social distancing must be adhered to at all times. When tea or food is being served, please treat the communal area as you would a cafe or restaurant - wear a mask when standing, food and drinks may be consumed seated at tables in groups of 6 / 2 households inside with no mixing between groups and windows are to be opened to increase ventilation. The bar is closed until further notice.  See item 10. for information about changing rooms.
  1. Outside, social distancing must be adhered to and the rule of 30 applies with no mixing between groups.
  1. Club organised coaching / teaching sessions and debriefs come under the government’s organised sport guidance and are not subject maximum limits but social distancing and other measures still apply.
  1. Please only sail / windsurf in conditions that suit your skill level; ensure you are able to right your craft and return to shore unaided under the prevailing weather conditions. Dinghy sailors please use a suitable mast head float when leisure sailing and training. There is no longer a requirement to use a mast head float for racing as we are running normal safety cover, although you may choose to do so.
  1. Organised Saturday and Tuesday dinghy racing will be in accordance with the published notice; normal duties will continue including safety cover.
  1. We still ask you to change at home or outside however the changing rooms are now open. Please socially distance, minimise your time in them and open the windows when necessary. The outside WC under WSC is still available. Changing rooms are returning their normal locations and the following capacity limits apply:

Women’s South Building - 4 changing + 2WC

Men’s South Building - 6 changing + 2WC

Female Family North Building - 2 changing

Male Family North Building - 4 changing

  1. Safety cover & OOD - please socially distance on the safety and committee boats and be mindful of face direction when pulling someone on board.
  2. Training - for outdoor training, numbers are unlimited but social distance must be maintained at all times. Indoor briefing is allowed with social distancing and ventilation.